The global phenomenon of urbanization, demographic growth, environmental issues, and the rising demand for mobility are just a few of the factors that are driving the expansion of railway networks world-wide.  

Cities are continually growing and these needs will radically change mass transportation systems. The global rail industry continually faces the challenges of developing effective solutions to avoid congestion and pollution from motor vehicles, saving time and give comfort & connectivity for users is required for the growth of emerging cities

The transport of the future, in addition to remaining safe, is becoming increasingly automated, connected, respectful with the environment and is moving towards becoming a unique transport system. This transformation is increasingly based on innovation, both in technology and passenger services

Transport infrastructures are facing a number of factors that strongly affect existing and future systems. Energy transition, increasing urban mobility and multiple interconnections between cities and countries are all new challenges.

HYEM Technologies is a key player to achieve digital transformation that requires the deployment of new technologies (Big Data, IoT, augmented reality, industry 4.0) in all the process involved with the railway industry, since product design & development to manufacturing and infrastructure integration to improve product quality and reliability while optimizing costs.

Time Managment

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Technology Deployment

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Cost Saving

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Railway Services

Concept Definition

Design & Development

Engineering Analysis

Manufacturing Engineering

Electrical & Electronic

Software Development


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Areas of

  • Carbody Structure
  • Train Interior
  • Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical Systems
  • Bogies

Cab Structure

Carbody Bolster


Side Structure

Floor Structure


Draft Sill

Body Endsill

Energy Shock Absorbers

Interior Lining


Passenger Seats

Stanchion Rails

Hand Rails

Passenger & Driver´s Windows

Cab Driver Console

WC & Bed Modules

Closets, Partitions, Dividers

Floor Covering


Insulation and Rubber Lining

Electrical Wiring Interconnecting

Electrical Harnesses

Equipment design & packaging

Electrical Locker

Bellows and Gangway




Compressor & Air Dryer

RAMS System Engineering

Current Collector

Gear Box

Disc Brake Unit (DBU) & Trad Brake Unit (TBU)


Traction Rod

Traction Motor

Primary & Secondary Suspension

Bearing House


Rolling Stock




Digital Modeling & 3d projection

space planning & Structure

This is our

Why HYEM Technologies?

Product Virtual Validation & Improvements

  • Creative thinking for interior design of modern passenger vehicles includes refurbishment of existing fleet and installation of systems such as CCTV, PIS, WiFi
  • Product Optimization & Weight Reduction
  • Product Validation using Alternate Materials
  • Detailed gauging and dynamics analysis, including kinematic envelopes
  • Strategic advice and engineering support on infrastructure development, scheme feasibility, improvements and renewals
  • Meshing and FEA Setup

Digital Development

  • Parametric Part Modeling, Skeleton Modeling & CAD customization with Macros
  • PLM implementation and customization
  • Interactive part catalogs, EBOMS & PMI notes.
  • Creation of digital mock-ups from styled (Class A) surfaces
  • RAMS (Reliability,Availability,Maintainability and Safety) Management

GD&T Experts

  • GD&T specialized resources
  • Design Gap & Build Process Sequence
  • Tolerance Specifications from part to Assembly
  • Dimensional Variation Simulation using VSA
  • Tolerance Stackup Analysis

Staffing Services

  • Specialized multidisciplinary manpower by contract in house / on site with software licencing & workstation included.
  • Offshore contract (International remote support) reducing costs of operation.
  • Specialized Trainings on line & on site developed by experts in the industry.

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