Automotive companies are experiencing a rapidly evolving and new market with different expectations are fostering new business models, Innovative designs at an affordable price and reduced launch timelines have become the key driving factors for the industry.

The era of the autonomus vehicle has begun and all mobility stakeholders are committed to hybrid, electric or fuel cell propulsion technologies with lighter composite materials and better structure performance.

The automobile is no longer seen as a means of transport, but as a set of mobility services offering efective solutions to final users and a booming demand for connectivity with stricter environmental regulations. With the arrival of the digital giants and start-ups in the sector, HYEM Technologies is committed with the challenges as a technology integrator becoming a value added strategic partner as well our expertise in the industry can support engineering services for serving global automotive OEMs as well as tier 1 & tier 2  manufacturers.

Time Managment

We focused on time management approach of a project with planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.​

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Technology Deployment

We boost your organization to Technology-driven, your company must to be innovative, making use of new advances in technology to better serve customers, gain a competitive advantage, and evolve with the marketplace.​

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Cost Saving

We develop a strategy of VAVE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering) for Product Development that reduces costs that helps companies retain market share and sustain their profitability.

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Automotive Services

Concept Definition

Design & Development

Engineering Analysis

Manufacturing Engineering

Electrics & Electronics

Software Development



Xhono is a concept mobility solution developed by HYEM Technologies to empower our capabilities for Product Development using CAD & CAE engineering methods.

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Areas of

  • Automotive Structures Body & Chassis
  • Automotive Interior
  • Automotive Exterior
  • Powertrain

Body In White (BIW)






Brackets & Reinforcements

Twist Axle


Energy Absorbers

Interior Trims and Instrument Panel

Centre Console

Seating System

Door paneling

Load compartment trim

Floor Covering


Exterior Trims



Glazing Windows

Front Modules


Detachable Parts

Tailgates & Lighting


5C components

Intake & Exhaust

Gear Train


Engine Mounts



Battery Management

Hybrid / Electrical Powertrain / Electromobility

This is our

Why HYEM Technologies?

Product Virtual Validation & Improvements

  • Occupant Safety Simulation, Crash Impact as per estandars FMVSS
  • Product Optimization & Weight Reduction
  • Product Validation using Alternate Materials
  • External Vehicle Aerodynamics and HVAC using CFD
  • Durability & Fatigue Analysis with Weld Distorsion.

Digital Development

  • Parametric Part Modeling, Skeleton Modeling & CAD customization with Macros
  • PLM implementation and customization
  • Interactive part catalogs, EBOMS & PMI notes.
  • Creation of digital mock-ups from styled (Class A) surfaces

GD&T Experts

  • GD&T specialized resources
  • Design Gap & Build Process Sequence
  • Tolerance Specifications from part to Assembly
  • Dimensional Variation Simulation using VSA
  • Tolerance Stackup Analysis

Staffing Services

  • Specialized multidisciplinary manpower by contract in house / on site with software licencing & workstation included.
  • Offshore contract (International remote support) reducing costs of operation.
  • Specialized Trainings on line & on site developed by experts in the industry.

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