HYEM Technologies is an engineering and innovation consulting company. Providing our customers with innovative solutions for the development of their products since design & virtual validation to implementation, also the design & simulation of their process for continuous improvement, development of infrastructure engineering projects in construction, production facilities & industrial plants, human capital and information systems.

Works for clients right across the all activities sectors: industry (automotive, aeronautics, rail, energy, infrastructure, oil & gas) through its engineering activities, which is the company’s area of expertise. Supporting any type of engineering business and managing a cost-benefit value added for projects.

Our activities cover as well as the service sector (business management, finance, consulting) via its IT Division . This company offer is all-inclusive, covering the full life-cycle of the product.

HYEM Technologies was founded & based in Monterrey, México with a subsidiary established in Michigan, United States of America, we work with a truly multidisciplinary interconnected community of experts in each industry that transforms project outcomes in innovative prestigious solutions with a sustainable legacy for enviroment and technology development, Our solutions driven by the need for an independent player in the international field integrate a know-how value offer at a competitive cost-benefit in the industry at a time when the industry is evolving.


HYEM Technologies mission is to be the most recognized and trusted engineering partner in a way to respect every individual and make customers, employees and suppliers part of the new world as a partner.


To be one of the leading engineering and innovation consulting companies globally; developing high impact and sustainability solutions for the automotive, aeronautical, railway, energy, IT, Oil and gas and infrastructure sectors through a system of continuous renewal and improvement that will lead us to sustainable leadership as a provider of technological services.


–  TeamWork

– Respect

– Inspiration

– Passion

– Compromise

– Communication

– Results driven

– Quality

– Innovation

– Integrity

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