The energy sector is facing a transition, new challenges to contain global warming and greenhouse gas emissions has become a diversification of energy development that extends beyond electricity, in particular by decarbonizing and mobility

Currently, 80% of the global energy system is based on fossil resources (coal, oil and gas). The drop in oil prices has reduced oil and gas exploration and production, private initiative and governments should invest in cleaner energy sources, optimize their assets and customer interaction, as well as generate value from digital disruption. By the year 2030, environmental policies must be aligned.

In addition to the growing interest in renewable energy sources such as wind, hydroelectric, hydrogen fuel cell, biogas / mass and solar, investments in nuclear energy have also increased and becomes in a challenge for short-term development., HYEM Technologies is a key player to achieve digital transformation that requires the deployment of new technologies (Big Data, IoT, augmented reality, industry 4.0) in all the process involved with the energy industry.

Time Managment

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Technology Deployment

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Cost Saving

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Energy Services

Concept Definition

Design & Development

Engineering Analysis

Project Management

Construction Engineering

Electrical & Electronic

Software Development


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Areas of

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hydraulic Power Generation

Solar Panels


Photovoltaic Systems

Load Center

Storage (Batteries)

Tracking System

Solar Cell

Inverters & Converters

Aerogenerators Wind Turbines


Structure (Tower)




Gear Box, Yaw Drive & Motor


Hydrogren Fuel Cell

Energy Management System

Storage Management

Bio Fuel

Biomass Energy

Geothermal Energy

Sustainable Architecture Design

Environmental Design Thinking

Hydro Turbine

Electrical and Automation

Energy Data Management

Plant Design (BIM, Civil Structure)



Turbines & Shut-off Valves

Hydrauics, Pheumatics & Cooling


Digital Modeling

space planning & Structure

This is our

Why HYEM Technologies?

Environmental Legacy

  • Creative thinking for suistantable design of renewable innovation technologies with a legacy of environmental solutions
  •  Product Optimization & Weight Reduction
  • Product Validation using Alternate Materials
  • Strategic advice and engineering support on infrastructure development, scheme feasibility, improvements and renewals
  • Environmental studies capability

Digital Development

  • Parametric Part Modeling, Skeleton Modeling & CAD customization with Macros
  • Cable Routing modeling and layout
  • BIM Plant design and layout optimization
  • Mechanism and structural design
  • Legacy data conversion, 2d to 3d conversion services
  • 3D Rendering & Lighting

Virtual Validation & Improvements

  • FEA calculations to establish compliance with ASME, RCCM, EJMA, TEMA standards
  • CFD, Thermal and Flow simulation
  • Electromagnetic & Electrostatic simulations
  • Cryogenics and Fatigue, Life prediction studies
  • Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics and Multi-body dynamic simulations
  • Meshing and FE setup

Staffing Services

  • Specialized multidisciplinary manpower by contract in house / on site with software licencing & workstation included.
  • Offshore contract (International remote support) reducing costs of operation.
  • Specialized Trainings on line & on site developed by experts in the industry.

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