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At HYEM Technologies we integrate the total product cycle through our consulting and new business development services division, which consists of the alliance with strategic partners in different locations.

We assist our clients in the business development process with the deployment of services to support companies and small – medium sized enterprises, running to achieve business growth. We assist with the BID proposal strategy and preparation, contract negotiations, project implementation and other business transactions. With evaluating market potential locating qualified sales representatives, agents, distribuitors and partners.

We value adaptability and we can set-up and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on major search engines, also with the social media marketing; our marketing strategy can expand to the international field focused in practical insights into specific markets and challenges.

Business Insights

Business Development

We create long-term value opportunities for an organization from customers, markets and relationship.

Technology driven

We boost your organization to Technology-driven, your company must to be innovative, making use of new advances in technology to better serve customers, gain a competitive advantage, and evolve with the marketplace.

Marketing & Branding

Drive business growth with brand positioning, millions of potential buyers are connected day by day in the web spending several hours. Using marketing tactical strategies we help to accurate your objectives.

Business Strategy

We develop a set of competitive moves and actions that a business uses to attract customers, compete successfully, strengthening performance, and achieve organisational goals.

Cost Saving

We develop a strategy of VAVE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering) for Product Development that reduces costs that helps companies retain market share and sustain their profitability.

For the case of Business Approach the primary objective is to cut back on unnecessary expenses by changing your scope and reducing the frequency without having a negative impact on the end result.

Time management

We focused on time management approach of a project with planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

About the services we provide

Market Research & Analysis

Our service consist in identify and analize the needs of the market, also this size & competitors, we use advanced methods in data analyst from digital technologies in real time.

New Product & Business Development

For the development of new products & business we focused in all the product life cycle since concept, feasibility, benchmarking, design & analysis and also prototyping and release to the market

Statistical Analysis

Our statistical consultants are proficient and help you optimize and get an accurate measurement of what works and what does not work in your bussines field.

Risk Management & Resilience

Our work identifies external and internal threats to physical assets, as well as vulnerabilities that exist within them. We provide clients with standardized, repeatable methodologies to properly assign value to critical assets. By enumerating those assets and threats, we help clients cut costs, develop effective risk management strategies, improve resilience and achieve higher profitability.

Digital Marketing & Branding


We focused in the development of sales & marketing and key account, understanding actual trends and position brand with digital marketing for a millions of potential buyers connected day by day in the web and social media.

Website Development & Social Media

You need more than a website, also you need a online strategy to make your business growth, with a tactical social media strategy with a a website that inspires and impacts millions of potential buyers with the personality of your business. With a responsive web design, positive UX and SEO.

Public-Private Partnerships

Our services are committed to establish a cooperative arrangement between two or more public and private sectors, typically of a long-term nature. In other words, it involves government(s) and business(es) that work together to complete a project and/or to provide services to the population.

Training & Coaching

Our services are focused on the development of your company’s potential, while encouraging sustainable performance and organizational skill to ensure the focus remains on your business’s performance. HYEM Technologies specialized courses blend of our international experience and our local understanding. Our professional experience providing value added training helps our clients develop their knowldge, technical strengths, and problem solving skills.

Multinational Investment and Development

Foreign investors seeking to engage in a new country need a reliable, trusted partner for multinational investment and development. HYEM Technologies combines local knowledge with the design, planning, and engage with overseas clients looking to make inroads in new markets.

Our strategy and planning services offer insight, feasibility assessment and entry to local markets. We offer design and development, as well as program and project management services on a global platform.

Implementation of Quality Management Systems

Our services is focused in develop a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. A QMS system helps coordinate and direct an organization’s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.

Business Management

HYEM Technologies provides support to your company while refocusing and implementing your business plan. We will ensure that your business growth in a competitive world; it’s pivotal to take advantage of technology deployment and digital transformation to achieve every opportunity placed in front of you in a evolving world.

Our goal is to boost your business going forward with reviewing your current strategies. With proper business management, you will have the vital information necessary to review profits, recognize opportunities, review and optimization of operational processes cut expenses and most importantly, know that your business is operating at its maximum potential.

Project Management

Our multidisciplinary team of experts allows us to face highly complex and demanding projects based on our experience in major projects, with the best practices and knowledge we can accurate innovative solutions with a prestigiuos legacy of innovation and environmental care.

We lead the planning, organization and control of resources related to engineering and infrastructure projects, achieving that the Project Management approach improves collaboration between multidisciplinary teams and manages the project’s milestones and deliverables effectively.

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We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

My day to day work requires me to be on top of business affairs worldwide. This is where HYEM Technologies help me out.

Melina Matsoukas

DOBL Customer Manager

As a representative of the law offices of Mc Douglas, I get all my professional advice from Mr Martinez himself. What an inspiration!

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