Machinery, Tooling & Equipment


The global Industrial Heavy Machinery, Tooling & Equipment market is facing a new transition, primarily due to growth in development, increasing demand for autonomous equipment and increased spend in areas like construction, manufacturing , healthcare, oil and gas, agriculture, public works and infrastructure. The global construction machinery market is predicted to grow over this next years according urbanization growing.

With escalating costs and the demand for technology development in a short period of time, technical innovations, product development and socio-economic implications being most prevalent, It is imperative for organizations to continue investing in engineering research, product development and innovation to develop solutions to meet the demands of the evolving marketplace that is aligned with environmental policies in all the world.

HYEM Technologies is a key player to achieve digital transformation that requires the deployment of new technologies (Big Data, IoT, augmented reality, industry 4.0) in all the process involved with the machinery & equipment industry, since product design & development to manufacturing and infrastructure integration to improve product quality and reliability while optimizing costs.

Time Managment

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Technology Deployment

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Cost Saving

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Machinery, Tooling & Equipment Services

Concept Definition

Design & Development

Engineering Analysis

Manufacturing Engineering

Electrical & Electronic

Software Development


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Areas of

  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Food Machinery
  • Medical & Healthcare Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery & Material Handling

Progressive Die

Stamping Tools

Plastic Moulds Equipment

Fixtures, Jigs & Checking Fixtures

Hydraulic & Pneumatic

Automation Equipment

Packaging Machinery

Lathe & Milling Machine


Heat Cooling

Servo & stepper motors



Deck & Rack Ovens




Food Processors

Food Packaging

Dough Roller, Press & Sheeter

Equipment design & packaging

Ventilators Design & Development

Ventilators Mechanical Design

Monitoring Devices

Equipment Software

Medical Devices

Information Systems

Prosthesis Mechanical Design


Power Tools

Industrial Motors




Material Handler

Agriculture Tractor

Cutters and Shredders

This is our

Why HYEM Technologies?

Virtual Product Validation & Improvements


  • Design & Analysis of various mechanism, multi-body dynamics simulation
  • Product Optimization & Weight Reduction
  • Product Validation using Alternate Materials
  • CFD and thermal flow simulation
  • Performing Electrical Design Calculations to select the Correct size of Equipment
  • Vibration, thermal and cooling system analysis for sensitive parts and electronics
  • Establishing code compliance for equipment as per standards required
  • Meshing and FEA setup

Digital Development

  • Parametric Part Modeling, Skeleton Modeling & CAD customization with Macros
  • PLM implementation and customization
  • Interactive part catalogs, EBOMS & PMI notes.
  • Conversion of legacy paper / 2D data to parametric 3D models
  • Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization

GD&T Experts

  • GD&T specialized resources
  • Design Gap & Build Process Sequence
  • Tolerance Specifications from part to Assembly
  • Dimensional Variation Simulation using VSA
  • Tolerance Stackup Analysis

Staffing Services

  • Specialized multidisciplinary manpower by contract in house / on site with software licencing & workstation included.
  • Offshore contract (International remote support) reducing costs of operation.
  • Specialized Trainings on line & on site developed by experts in the industry.

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