Boost Infrastructure Projects to BIM Modeling

BIM is a working method that is defined in the context of collaborative and integrated practices, and involves a deep transformation that affects all the design, construction and asset management processes that we have known so far, also the development process by the methods that can be comprehensible by discipline in digital mode. BIM organizes the entire procedure by data demonstrating and data administration.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The information provided to the BIM model comes from different types of software, modeling programs (CAD-REVIT), structural calculation, MEP, budgeting software, energy behavior analysis, etc. Knowledge of all these tools and the interoperability between them is essential for the correct implementation of BIM.

HYEM Technologies understands that the BIM methodology will no longer be an option in the following years and will have to be applied to all construction projects, that is why we offer our services at the forefront and innovation.

The advantages of BIM:

  • BIM Platforms automatically update information in real time.
  • Reduce human error because information is always conssistent.
  • Working in parallel involving entire organization
  • Customization and adaptation of the project customer needs.
  • Optimization in efficient processes.
  • Costs Reduction and execution time reduction.

BIM Services

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